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Ways To Use Tile Creatively in Your Home

Whether you’re just looking for a change of scenery or want to increase your home value, tile designs are a fantastic way to add flair and style to your home. To that end, here are a few ways to use tile creatively in your home to inspire and motivate you further to pursue a tile design.

Sink Backsplashes

You’ve likely seen these before because backsplashes also happen to have a practical purpose. Most homes have backsplashes behind sinks to protect the wall from moisture and stains in high-use areas. However, just because they’re practical doesn’t mean they don’t provide an aesthetic flair. Backsplash tiles can come in various colors, patterns, and designs to make the sink into a focal point rather than just a utilitarian feature.

Shower Designs

Showers also use tile for similar reasons as backsplashes. However, the color and reflectivity of the tiles can create specific atmospheres that will make your bathroom more visually pleasing and comfortable. It’s typically best to go for lighter colors, often in blues, but there are plenty of trending tile shower designs to browse and derive inspiration from.

Improve Corridors

Trying to make hallways and corridors look visually interesting can be a real challenge, but adding tile to the floors can spruce up these areas with different patterns. Alternatively, if you’d prefer not to change the floor, you can use the tile as an accent along the wall. It’s a simple change, but it can do wonders for making a solid-colored wall look distinct.

Tile Mosaics

One of the best ways to use tile creatively in your home is to make a mosaic out of it. You can add this feature to a wall or the floor, indoors or outdoors, wherever you desire. With careful planning, you can shape these mosaics into a work of art rather than a simple home improvement project. And the designs are limited only by your imagination and ability to find the right professionals. Most often, you’ll see tile mosaics on a building’s exterior walls, similar to a mural. Add this feature to set your house apart from its neighbors or complement your landscaping.

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