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Unique Materials To Use in Your Home Design

You may be trying to change your home’s appearance for the sake of aesthetics or to increase its value. Either way, there’s nothing better than incorporating unique materials to use in your home design to accomplish these goals. Short of major renovations, this is one of the best ways to transform your home’s look and allow it to stand out in comparison to more traditional home designs.

Barn Wood

You might not expect it, but wood that professionals reclaim from old barns and refurbish is strong and durable. Also, it has a unique design that only natural aging can form. From wooden boards that make for excellent siding to hand-hewn wooden beams, you’ll find lots of barn wood options to choose from. They can complement your home’s design by giving it a rustic yet high-end quality that will undeniably add value to your home.

European Laminates

Laminate materials have become much more refined over the years, and you can find some beautiful high-pressure laminate finishes from Italian brands in particular. These modern laminates mimic textured faux wood. They can also have 3D effects, various colors, and metallic surfaces that you can pick.

These laminates are best for cabinets and similar appliances within the home. However, they’re notorious for being difficult to get your hands on. A good way to acquire laminates is to get a sample from companies online and then speak with more local cabinetmakers to see if any of them are willing to replicate them.

Stainless Steel

Our final unique material to use in your home design doesn’t seem unique at first glance. People often dismiss stainless steel as an industrial material. But with a bit of creativity, it can fit right in with the rest of your home. Builders often use it on stairwells in minimalist railings. However, you can also use sheet metal with laser-cut designs or try something a bit unorthodox in the form of stainless-steel chain-link curtains for a “softer” and more fabric-like appearance. Explore options using stainless steel for various sleek designs.

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