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The Best Ways To Update Your Bedroom Décor

Do you like what you see when you wake up first thing in the morning? Your bedroom can set the tone for the rest of the day, so why not create an exciting place that promises positive possibilities? With a few cheap and simple touches, you can add new life and liveliness to your bedroom. Here are the best ways to update your bedroom décor.

A New Coat of Paint

Nothing changes a room’s look faster and more thoroughly than a new paint job. Whether you go light or dark, paint can turn a room into an entirely new space with a different tone and feeling. It all depends on your tastes—lighter colors such as yellow, white, pink, and pale blues can create a brighter room that’s a joy to wake up in. But don’t be hemmed in by the standard practice of painting all four walls. Sometimes all you need is to paint (or paper) a single accent wall behind or in front of your bed to give the room a whole new look. 

Add Some Accents

If your bed looks a little bare, consider picking up a few new pillows, throw pillows, and fun blankets to festoon it with color and texture. During the day it can host an eye-catching plush display, while at night you can arrange a comfy canyon of pillows and throws to sleep in. If the walls look equally empty, pick up and frame some meditative paintings, prints, and photographs that lend life and inspiration to the place. Consider continuing the theme of rest and relaxation with a textile display on the wall or freestanding curtains around the bed. If you can, upgrade your mattress, sheets, and duvet; it’ll make a big difference.

Pick a New Piece of Furniture

A bed dominates one’s bedroom, and often the only other pieces of furniture are a nightstand and a cabinet or two. Hit the thrift and antique stores to find a new piece that adds to the story of your bedroom while providing a new function. A stool at the foot of your bed is a convenient place to get dressed and prepare for the day and is an opportunity to add a new storage place. A small writing desk turns your bedroom into a pleasant workspace for journaling and the like. 

Light It Up (or Down)

One of the best ways to update your bedroom décor is to review your lighting setup. A central light is fine, but why not upgrade with a more exciting one? Replace the light switch with a dimmer so you can change the mood with a turn of the dial. Add floor lamps as well, especially if you have a chair set in a corner and want a pleasant reading nook. And don’t forget natural light. Gauzy curtains can provide privacy without sacrificing natural sunlight. Candles are also great for setting the mood! 

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