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The Best Upholstery Fabrics for Kids & Pets

When it comes to kids and pets, these little rascals can be quite tough on furniture. This is why you should get a piece of furniture that’s perfect for both your little ones and furry friends. These fabrics are typically hardier and will last a lot longer when compared to other types of materials. Here are the absolute best upholstery fabrics for kids and pets.


Leather is great for kids and pets since it’s an extremely durable material that often will not show much of its wear. However, the fabric’s overall quality depends on the fabrication process and the types of leather used. Some of the other major factors that make leather great for kids and pets are hair and dust resistance, hypoallergenic qualities, and the fact that it comes in many different colors.


These types of fabrics are best for preventing odors and stains due to their low-pile fabric. Beyond this, these materials are tightly woven, making them easy to clean and resistant to any scratch or claw marks that may arise from the presence of children or pets. Furthermore, these materials do not show wear as easily and are also hypoallergenic, making this material fit in with any household.


Crypton is a relatively new fabric that is extremely resistant to most anything that will be thrown at it in the home. This includes being moisture repelling, stain resistant, and even odor resistant. These fabrics are typically made with a layer of waterproof fabric that helps resist stains. However, this is not a typical upholstery fabric, meaning that if you want this material on your furniture, you will first have to reupholster said furniture with this fabric.

We hope that this article on the best upholstery fabrics for kids and pets helps you decide which material is best for your next couch! Remember, there are online forums and experts dedicated to helping you pick out the best type of fabric for your space. Use these resources to your advantage so that you can make the best space possible.

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