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Summer Landscaping Projects

For much of the country, planting seasons take place in fall and winter. That means by summer, we are enjoying the lush foliage of what was put in the ground months before. Still, a landscaped yard always needs work done. Let’s discuss the best landscaping projects to do in the summer, so you can get outside and enjoy getting a tan while making the yard beautiful. 

Light up the Night

While everything is in bloom, summer is a great time to install landscaping lights in the yard. Solar-powered lights are an easy way to get a soft light in the evening and throughout the night. 

Also, some strings of outdoor lights strung from the house over the deck give the space some decoration when enjoying evenings on the deck with friends and family. 

Create a Path

Creating a simple path using landscaping stones—leading from the deck to a swing set or garden, for example—is best done in summer because you can see how large things bloom or grow when designing the plan. 

Building a path in the fall could result in it getting obscured in the summer if you aren’t aware of summer yard and landscaping growth.

Line the Walkway

Is the walkway to your door not so inviting? Try adding some stones or flowers (or both) along the edges of the walk for a friendlier stroll.

Prune and Remove

Trim overgrown plants during the summer, and they’ll thank you with lusher foliage the next summer. 

Using pruning shears, cut small amounts at a time until you get the plant to the proper size. Also, use this time to remove dead plants and trees if necessary. Dying or dead trees wreak havoc on a yard. 

Freshen up the Mulch

Most homeowners enjoy spreading mulch in the fall and spring. It’s the perfect time to prevent weed growth as the warmer months get closer. 

After months of winds and rain, the mulch usually needs some upkeep. Starting with a shovel or broom, depending on where the wind-blown mulch has landed, salvage whatever mulch you can by putting it back where it belongs.

If you have some leftover bags, add some more mulch where necessary. If not, try the local home improvement store for another bag or two.

Repair Decks and Porches

Since the planting is done, summer is the perfect time to focus on other areas of the yard, such as the porch and deck.

Look for spots that could use a touchup of paint. Decks that are stained or painted need power washing and recoating every couple of years. 

Add some décor or new furniture to both places if the old stuff no longer moves you. The deck and porch are your outdoor areas that welcome guests before they even step inside, so you want to make them look fantastic, after all. 

In conclusion, as you explore landscaping projects to do in the summer, keep in mind that other seasons are on the way, and not everything has to happen in the summer. Grab a cold one, put on your shades, and make relaxing the most important part of summer. 

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