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Small Things That Get Forgotten When Building a House

Building a custom house is an exciting time. It’s fun to dream and imagine what each room will look like once complete. Color choices, appliances, flooring, and light fixtures are the things we see, so it’s easy to envision them. But what about those unseen items that make a big difference in your home? In this article, we’ll talk about the small things that get forgotten when building a house. They aren’t necessarily little, but they are easy to overlook.  

Outlet Placement

We use outlets every day, and they’re so important. Most of us rely on the builder to place them where they should go. Builders will do so, and they do understand the best places for outlets. However, as you consider your lifestyle, is there anywhere unique you’d like some outlets, or do you find your family needs extra outlets? 

Go through each room in your mind and make a list of where you need outlets placed. Don’t forget the outside of your home as well. Holiday lights and entertaining on the deck require plenty of convenient outlets. 

The Height of Your Shower Head

This is overlooked so very often. We assume a shower head is simply placed where it goes. And although that’s true, you do have options. Examine the shower you use now. Does everyone using it feel it’s at a comfortable height? 

Especially if your family is tall, you might want to take some measurements and ask the builder if your shower head can go a little higher.

Plenty of Storage

Is too much storage even a thing? It’s unlikely. If you have a growing family, storage is everything. Here are the rooms to consider installing plenty of storage:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen 
  • Garage
  • Basement 
  • Closets

Ideas for storage are linen closets, medicine cabinets, pantry, unique kitchen cabinet and drawer designs, and shelving anywhere you can squeeze it in.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Certainly not a minor detail, but still often overlooked is the HVAC system for a new build. Many homeowners don’t realize they have options, and instead, just go with whatever the builder chooses. There are plenty of choices and a lot to understand about HVAC systems. Efficiency, cost, and maintenance are things to take into consideration when making such an important decision. 

A Laundry Room That Works

Laundry rooms are wonderful, and if you’re raising a family, they’re a necessity. Sadly, they are often an afterthought when it comes to what’s needed in the room. Don’t accept four walls and a washer and dryer. Think about what would be helpful to you. Here are some ideas:

  • Shelving for laundry supplies.
  • A folding table, so laundry is immediately folded. (fewer wrinkles…yay!)
  • Ironing board and iron storage.
  • A sink for messes.
  • A place for a drying rack.

Don’t end up with unused space in the laundry room. Make it work for you. 

Enjoy your new home, and remember to use our list of small things that get forgotten when building a house, so you’ll have no regrets on move-in day. 

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