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How To Prepare for Moving Out of Your House

When preparing to move from one abode to another, we attempt to make as many lists of things to do as possible. At times it can seem overwhelming, but luckily there are accessible resources such as this article that can help guide you through the preparations of moving out. Here’s a guide on how to prepare for moving out of your house.

Forward Mail To New Address

Before moving, be sure to forward your mail. You can easily forward all future mail and packages by going to your local post office or filling out an online form through USPS requesting an address change. Reach out to credit card companies, magazine subscriptions, and others to let them know your future address, so they know where to send future mail. Also, if you’re close to your mail carrier, consider leaving a small gift for them to remind them that you’re about to depart from your current address to a new one. If you forget you’ve ordered packages and they’re sent to your previous address, leave your new address with the new homeowners so they can forward any mail or packages.

Disconnect Your Utilities

Before moving, all utilities must be disconnected and not left in your name. To do this, reach out to each utility separately, for example, electricity and water, and let them know when the utilities should be disconnected. Typically, the date of all utilities getting disconnected is the day your home closes on a sale. When preparing to disconnect, it’ll help save you money on future charges in your name, and it’ll keep the prospective homeowners from the hassle of trying to get the utilities placed under their name.

Cancel Homeowners Insurance 

This is a big one, and the unfortunate part is that the insurance provider won’t cancel homeowners insurance for you; you’ll need to do it yourself. As soon as you let your agent know, they’ll be sure to renege on a good closing day. Before you get a new coverage plan on your future home, ensure that the first is closed beforehand.

Organize and Clean

Another beneficial way to help you learn how to prepare for moving out of your house is to organize your moving boxes. As you prepare, you might have more to pick or get rid of than you’d planned. Arrange your parcels by room and item type. As you arrange, it’s essential to clean and declutter any items and debris that you don’t need. Cleaning helps make a home move-in ready for the next awaiting family.

While organizing and getting your home ready, be considerate. Consideration is the golden rule as a well-established seller. Consider this for your future move: if you want your recent purchase to be cleaned by the previous owners, you’d like to do the same thing for the next family that moves into your last home.

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