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3 Reasons To Consider Installing Wallpaper

Once you buy a new home, you have a plethora of design opportunities in front of you. Although many homeowners opt for painting their interior walls, wallpaper can be a more convenient and stylish option. But the benefits of wallpaper go even deeper than this. Read the list below to learn three reasons to consider installing wallpaper in your new home.

Adding Character and Personality

The greatest benefit of wallpaper is that it completely transforms a blank wall into a work of art. There are many wallpaper designs on the market, each offering stylish designs and patterns. A fresh coat of paint looks nice on the wall, but an artfully crafted design brings a unique personality to the living space. Plus, when designing your child’s bedroom, you can find wallpaper with animals and famous cartoon characters, putting the things they love on full display.

Besides cartoon animals and intricate patterns, wallpapers can showcase more specialized designs, such as wine labels or restaurant menus. If your living space lacks a distinct personality, sift through the many wallpaper choices out there to find the perfect match.

Surprising Durability

Many people assume that wallpaper tears easily. But much of today’s wallpaper contains vinyl, making it more durable than ever. You might have to clean the wallpaper in some cases, but high-quality materials like vinyl are easy to wipe down. This wallpaper is great for sprucing up areas of the house prone to messes, such as the kitchen. Of course, wallpaper isn’t impenetrable, but a high-quality vinyl roll won’t scratch or tear as easily as you might expect.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

For your first wallpaper project, you have many factors to consider. Installing wallpaper can be a long, annoying process. Thankfully, homeowners can buy peel and stick options. This helps you take advantage of this décor’s incredible designs without hindering the beauty of the final project.

In addition, this design method makes wallpaper more accessible, ensuring you don’t have to go through a laborious installation process to bring your new living space to life. The availability of peel and stick options is one of the most enticing reasons to consider installing wallpaper in a new home.

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